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spacecowboyj's Journal

Heat Miser
Got nickname from last place of employment. Worked in the Antartic training penguins to fly. before that I ran away from home and traveled the 48 states by foot, train, and bicycle with a talking dog i met along the way. Used to be an average kid until i met this lady who told me and showed me i have a gift to see the future which i am currently using at horse races and lotto,sadly to no avail...yet. Tried work as a pro-wrestler but that didn't pan out. Love to cook different kinds of foods, sleep at night on my roof, and take drives to nowherein particular. Used to have a cooking class showing how you could cook your food on a car engine while driving to and from work. I love music, all kinds except country and western (is there a difference between the the two?)Used to be in a band called Vehicular Homicide doing covers for Cure, Depeche Mode, New Order, etc...Currently taking classes for a sense of purpose.
O.K really....truly, nothing above is truly real unless it seems to be. This is really my only outlet into civilization. Scary....isn't it?